Good morning on this fine Saturday in August.

I am going to assume that if you clicked the link and have began reading that this is something you are interested in. I completely respect that this kind of thing is not for everyone but it is something I always get asked about when I mention it on my Instagram or Snapchat so I’m going to chat about it here. It may not be for everyone but it is there for everyone. If this post even makes you stop and think for a second then I’ll be really pleased.

The Law Of Attraction made my life better and to be honest it continues to make it better every  single day when I use it properly. You see, the thing about the Law Of Attraction is that you can’t really “give it a go” or “try it out” for a day or two. That very perspective implies, from the get go, that a big part of you is expecting it to fail. You’re trying but your energy is actually focused on the very big possibility that it won’t work. This doubt means that you won’t actually practice the law of attraction properly. It’s something that you have to go in to wholeheartedly. You have to expect it to work. You have to expect good things. The problem is we have been so conditioned to fear and expect things to go wrong. It’s how we learn to protect ourselves. It’s how we cope. I think we can all agree that the shock of something “bad” happening is often worse than the very event itself. Expecting bad things is almost the first stage of dealing with the shock before it even happens. And of course it will happen – because we are expecting it.


Re-training your brain to expect good things is not an easy thing to do. In the beginning it feels as though you are kind of lying to yourself. You’re saying all the right things but how you feel is very much steeped in all of the things you do not want to happen. That is where your energy lies. Unfortunately the Law Of Attraction does not listen to what you say or write down – it responds to how you feel. Finding a new way to direct your thoughts and feelings is a big undertaking but like any new skill it just takes a lot of practice. It gets easier because you begin to directly see how many things change in your life when you shift your thought process. You require less convincing because the evidence is right in front of you. You soon realize that you have everything to gain by continuing to think, feel and act in this way.
So what is the Law Of Attraction? Essentially it is the belief that every thought you have and feeling you experience has a frequency. That energy frequency determines the things that come in to your life. It determines the events and people too. Imagine that you are in a restaurant – every single thought will bring you something different from the menu. If you are thinking about the food that you do not like it will more than likely show up. The Law Of Attraction has no interest in whether the thought is regarding something you want or do not want. It simply recognizes the thought, the subject and the very thing that your energy is carrying. It says “your wish is my command” and it shows up, just like you expected it to. As I mentioned above most of us are thinking about what we do not want rather than what we do want. Energy flows where attention goes.


There is a common misconception that the Law Of Attraction is simply about positive thinking. It’s about so much more than that though. It’s not about just using positive language and focusing on only the good stuff. It is about positive feeling. It’s about attracting people, circumstances and events that will bring good things in to your life. It’s about finding yourself in so many bizarre situations that lead you to achieve things beyond your wildest dreams. It’s about getting everything you have ever wanted and living a life that is better than you could have ever imagined – because so much of what you imagined was based on fear and trying to avoid the things you do not want to experience.


It’s more than simply thoughts. Living a life that you love also requires action. Think of it as making your order to the universe but topping up that order by making sure that the way you act is in line with what you are trying to achieve. For example if you want to lose weight you will have to change your eating habits and activity levels. It would be impossible to continue to eat the same way and expect a different result. The Law Of Attraction is about ensuring that the way you feel and where your energy flows will keep you in a state that will make this lifestyle change easier. It will attract situations and people that will somehow make it all “fit” better. You’ll still have to act but this time it will feel so much easier. You will expect the weight loss or fitness and it will come. We can’t sit around and wait for our life to change. If we are thinking about losing weight but eating in a way that typically leads to weight gain then our energy (aka the eating) is actually focussed on what we do not want. A certain amount of action will have to take place but where in the past this action has felt really difficult and like a constant struggle, it will now feel really peaceful. It will make sense and you will get so much joy out of the process of trying. It’s really difficult to put in to words but when your energy and attention is devoted to the things that you would love to happen – life just feels easier. Everything feels like a direct part of the process of moving closer to what you want in your life. It doesn’t feel like homework. Something washes over you and you just feel in a really calm and happy state because you know that good things are coming – and they are.


Those who are skeptical of the Law Of Attraction will often say that the good situations would have happened anyway. For example I used an example on my Instagram about finding that a  jumper I loved and had been thinking about was on sale for less than half price. Was it just half price for me? Could nobody else see the sale tag? Absolutely not. But the way I was thinking and the different steps I took that day lead me to FIND that good news. So I had been thinking about that jumper for ages. I saw it on a fashion blogger and loved it on her. It kept popping in to my head and I kept noticing things in that colour all that week. We were in town one day and couldn’t get parking in our usual place so we ended up parking somewhere different. We were not going shopping but ended up walking down by St. Stephens Green Shopping Centre as a bit of a short cut to where we were having lunch. On the way there we walked past H&M and in the window I saw the jumper reduced to €12 (it was originally over €30) and some of you will know the feeling I am about to describe and for those who are new to it it will sound nuts  – I just wasn’t surprised to see it. In my head I found myself involuntarily thanking the universe for it and to be honest, on some level, I had been expecting this.The jumper was on sale for anyone who walked in to that store that day but my point is that I never ever walk down that street. I never pass that store. We also never park where we ended up parking that day. I firmly believe that all these little things added up so that I would find myself picking up the jumper that I loved for a great price.  I even feel that when I wear this jumper now it puts me in such a powerful state that so many good things happen. It puts me in a place of gratitude and gratitude is a huge part of this process. If you are not grateful for what you have now you are literally blocking more good from coming in to your life.


If you are reading this and eye-rolling at the thought of it all that is OK too. The thing about this law is that you don’t need other people rooting for you. That level of blind faith in your own energy is so strong that you don’t require convincing. But when so many good things happen you really do want to share it with other people because you know how much it could change their lives too. I’m not selling anything or trying to get people to join some mad cult. I’m passing on something that has quite literally changed my life.


I want to be completely honest and say that I too go through phases where I slip back in to my old habits. I focus on what I do not want. I panic. And I can nearly guarantee you that during those times everything seems to go pear shaped. As soon as shift my thinking and start placing my energy on the things I do want – everything changes direction. What I think about I bring about – regardless of whether I am thinking about what I do or do not want.


Just recently I went through a phase of worrying financially. I was writing list upon list of all of my outgoings and no matter how many times I wrote that list I ended up with the same result – my outgoings were bigger than my income. It’s black and white, right? Every single time I wrote that list I reaffirmed the thought and energy that I was lacking. That I did not have enough. I reaffirmed the stress, the worry and the fear. I was getting nowhere. So I shifted my thinking completely. I started to act as though I had everything that I needed. I believed deep in my heart that I had everything I could possibly need and want – even if the maths didn’t add up logically. If I was invited out for coffee or I saw an item of clothing I liked I bought it. I didn’t just think prosperous thoughts but I acted that way too. I didn’t spend irresponsibly but if I wanted something I didn’t deprive myself. That week I was offered extra writing work that is now ongoing every single month. It completely changed my financial situation. It was not a coincidence.


There are times in my life where the Law Of Attraction lead me to some pretty amazing experiences. Things that on paper should have never happened. Things that were so unlikely but I expected them to happen and acted as though I had them already. I won’t go in to the specifics today but some of those things were meeting my husband Peter, conceiving Billy and getting married on Don’t Tell The Bride.


I don’t want to go in to a huge amount of detail in this post because I want this to be something I regularly talk about. Next week I will be talking about how much the people you spend your time with can affect things. How they can be preventing you from getting and experiencing the things you most desire.


Even just writing this post has filled me with so much excitement. There are things that I am working towards and I can literally feel them happening even though logically it might not make sense in many ways. I hope you will stick with me on this one because life as you know it will never be the same again.