I’ve made this recipe a couple of times now and it always results in a tonne of people asking for the recipe. I can’t help but share a slow motion video of the dish when it comes out of the oven. The oozy cheesy goodness is too beautiful to not share.


My favourite thing about this dish is just how bold it feels. It is a really delicious carb fest that is comforting, filling and completely on plan. It is also a great way of having more speed food because this dish is full to the brim with Cauliflower which is a speed food. Remember the more speed you choose the more weight you lose.


I recently made this dish for my Slimming World group taster. We were crowning our Woman Of The Year for 2018 and celebrated with a taster party. I knew that this would go down a treat and even though it would be cold by the time I got it to group, cold pasta is never a bad thing in my book.
So here it is – a delicious one-pot-wonder that the whole family will enjoy.

This recipe is SYN FREE and uses just half of a healthy extra A per portion. This recipe serves four people.

You Will Need 

200g Macaroni pasta (I got mine in Aldi)

1 tub of fat free/low fat Cottage Cheese (most are syn free)

1 chicken or vegetable stock cube/stock pot

6-8 smoked bacon medallions

1/4 teaspoon of mustard powder

teaspoon of smoked paprika

teaspoon of Oregano

1 large onion (I used the frozen bag of diced onion from Aldi)

3 cloves garlic (I use the frozen stuff from Aldi)

1 red pepper

1 bag of frozen cauliflower

80g of reduced fat cheddar (20g per portion which is half a healthy extra A)

Cracked black pepper/salt to taste



  1. Add the bag of frozen cauliflower and pasta to a pot. Cover in boiled water from the kettle.
  2. Dice the bacon medallions, garlic, onion and peppers. Add to a pan with some fry light saute for five minutes.
  3. In a jug mix 300ml of boiling water with one stock pot,the cottage cheese,  smoked paprika, oregano and mustard powder. This is your sauce.
  4. When the macaroni tastes al dente (soft with a bite) and the cauliflower has cooked remove the water from the pot and add the sauteed bacon/veg. Combine well.
  5. Transfer the pasta/cauliflower/bacon/vegetable mix to a casserole dish and pack it in densely. Cover in the “sauce”.
  6. Oven bake for 15-20 minutes until a lot of the sauce has been absorbed/thickened. Add the 80g of reduced fat cheddar and return to the oven for five minutes.

It is ready to eat. It is full of speed food but I recommend serving it with speed food (salad works great) to ensure you are getting that 1/3 because that is where the magic happens.