So I hadn’t planned on writing this today. It kind of just came to me and in my experience that is when I feel I have something valuable to say. If it helps one person then it is totally valuable from where I am standing.


So I was feeling a bit flat today. Not even negative or in a bad mood  – just a little bit flat. I think it was the result of  being really tired and a bit out of sorts because I had an early night last night when I should have been working. I needed the sleep more last night and I’ll get the work done this evening so it’s no big deal, but a change in routine often knocks me a bit. Then today was one of those in-and-out-of-the-car all day kind of days too. I literally needed to go to Aldi, the credit union, the pharmacy, Dunnes and then the regular play-school drops off and pick up. When I had done everything I got home and realized I forgot one of the ingredients for the chocolate biscuit cake I am making for my brother’s birthday tomorrow. It was one of those days where I looked at my phone and couldn’t believe it was 4pm already. I’m one of those people that likes to have certain things accomplished by certain points of the day. I genuinely think it’s a little bit OCD but it’s true. It was annoying me that the wash was sitting in the washing machine since that morning and that I hadn’t started the bit of work I planned to do that afternoon. Silly really because life is more fluid than that but it was how I felt.


I made a lovely dinner and started to think about all the work I had to do tonight. I was getting in to that negative space. I could feel it. I know how my brain works and it tends to ripple back and forth and before I know it I’m stuck down a hole clawing my way back to that place where the light shines. I’ve gotten good at recognizing when that is happening and these days I “catch it” more than I don’t. I do something to shift my thinking or the direction my day is going. It spins me in another rhythm and I start to feel more grounded. This evening that shift came from a walk.
I don’t do any exercise but I actually love being active. Before I learned how to drive I walked everywhere and I think it’s one of the things that helped me lose and keep off the weight. I was really active because I had to be. These days I have the luxury of driving everywhere so I don’t do a whole lot of moving. Tonight I decided, on a whim (I know, Mrs Spontaneity here), to go for a walk. It was about 7pm and I handed the rest of the evenings duties over to my husband. A couple of dishes needed cleaning and the little man needed a shower and his PJs put on him. I popped my earphones in and I walked.


I’m writing this because I really just can’t even express just how much it did for me. I literally googled “podcast about the Law Of Attraction” and found a really great free one. Before I knew it I was forty minutes in and I think I could have walked for hours. The sun was setting, people were walking their dogs, some smiled at me, I liked the smell, the wind felt nice on my face, kids were being picked up from various sports clubs, the scent of food escaped from houses, people drove by singing the song that was on the radio and at one point I came across a fallen tree. I felt ALIVE.



And then I was home, in my own PJs and snuggling my little man who is now asleep, safe and sound. I’ve poured myself a big cup of Peppermint tea and I am ready for a couple of hours of work. I’m not even just ready. I’m excited. This is what I wanted. This is the life I imagined for myself and the one I carved with all of the random decisions, jobs and hopes I had. I’m not going to waste any time feeling sorry for myself in a world I’ve literally wished for. As my mam would say – don’t p*** the universe off. It’s all about gratitude.


So tonight’s teaching, if that’s what we can call it, is to find a sacred space for yourself. When I say sacred space I mean time for you. Time that is devoted to nobody but you. The times I personally experience this sacred space are times like tonight’s walk, taking a bath, reading a chapter or two of my book or watching a Youtube video. Finding your sacred space, and making it a priority, is actively bringing you closer to the person you want to be. It’s uniting your current self and your future self. It gives you the breath of fresh air to take the next step, get stuck in to your work or simply sleep well enough to feel peaceful and make good decisions the next day.
How important is your sacred space to you? Do you have any at all? What if I told you that finding this sacred space was the first step to literally having everything you could possibly want in life? You would never want to neglect it. It would be THE priority.


I’m not perfect. I’m not a preacher and I’m certainly not a professional at this stuff, but I am on a personal journey that is showing me all that the Law Of Attraction can bring in to my life. That all the Law Of Attraction HAS and IS bringing in to my life. I just want to share it because I’m so grateful to the people that introduced me to it. Manifesting everything you want in life is the reward. It’s so SO exciting.