We have just returned from a ten day holiday in Caleta De Fuste in Fuerteventura. For a change like. I’m joking of course, this was literally our fifth time to visit this resort. We went once before Billy was born and the rest as a family. We just love the place. It isn’t for everyone because it’s quite small and quiet but it absolutely ticks all of our boxes. It’s our perfect kind of place. In Caleta we know that a playground, beach, pool or inexpensive restaurant is never more than a five minute walk away (when we stay centrally) and that, for us, is what a holiday is all about.

I did Instastories every single day on our holiday and I have honestly never had so many questions about anywhere we’ve been or anything we’ve done.

I want to keep this as short and helpful as possible so I’ll break it down in to sections. I do have a habit of waffling a bit.

So, why Caleta De Fuste?

I’ll be honest – I had never really heard of this resort. When I heard the word Fuerteventura I always thought about Corralejo. It is the most popular holiday resort on the island. I had actually been there when I was about fourteen with a friend’s family for a holiday but I didn’t remember a huge amount. My mother and father in law happened to mention Caleta to us and it kind of intrigued us. They had a lovely holiday there and it just sounded right up our street. We chose it as our holiday destination that year and had a ball. Here is a photo from that holiday.We were in our favourite Indian restaurant which is called Fusion 22.



Going back when Billy was born was a bit of a no-brainer. He would only be sixteen weeks old so knowing the place was a huge advantage. We knew the place was very buggy-friendly (it’s not hilly at all) and the fact that it is only a ten minute taxi-ride from the airport really appealed to us with a small baby. This time we went with a couple of friends and again we had a ball. We went back to our favourite restaurants and we loved sharing the resort with our friend’s who had never been.



What we love most about Caleta De Fuste is how family friendly the place is. I don’t know how well it would suit older kids but for toddlers and younger children is is ideal. It’s small, clean, safe and you don’t have to walk for ages to find nice restaurants or the beach. Everything is really accessible and when you have small children (and a buggy) this can make a huge difference. It can be the very reason you actually find the holiday, dare I say, relaxing. As I mentioned above we also love the fact that the airport is only a ten minute taxi ride away. It means that within an hour of landing you’ve arrived, checked in and had your first dip in the pool. I can’t tell you how much we love this. It means that your holiday really starts straight away. I’ve never been a big fan of a long transfer but a long transfer with a kid sounds a bit like torture.


The beach is lovely and they have recently extended it. If you stay at our accomodation the beach is literally a five minute walk away. You’ll find plenty of beach cafes, shops that sell inflatables and there is even a part of the beach that has a playground. If you fancy something different there is a beach cafe a little closer to the Centre Atlantico and it is actually over the sea. It’s a really cool experience although I’ve never been since Billy was a small baby so perhaps more of an adult experience.




So Tell Me About The Food 

Then there is the food. There are a couple of supermarkets which are super handy for stocking up on basics. We usually get sandwich fillers, fruit, bread, cereal and treats. You can easily do a larger shop in the Centre Atlantico though. This is a bigger shopping centre that is about a 15 minute walk from the centre of Caleta De Fuste. You can walk along a path or along the beach and it’s a lovely walk. A lot of people walk there, do a big shop and get an inexpensive taxi back with their shopping. There is plenty of choice if you want to cook for the week which would make things more affordable when you have several children to feed.


We have a few favourite restaurants which we visit time and time again. Our number one favourite is La Bodeguita. It is an AMAZING Italian which does some of the best Bruschetta I’ve ever had. We order it every single time. It is a bargain for €3.50 too. This year Billy got the kids Gnocchi which was served with Bolognaise sauce and loads of parmesan to add yourself. We went for a Spicy Pizza and a Caprese salad and it was out of this world. The pizza was seriously unreal. The second time we went we got the same pizza because it was sensational and we got a gorgeous Carbonara. This restaurant is inexpensive and has a great location. Directly outside the restaurant is a colourful playground which is great when bribing the kids to behave in the restaurant. In fact you can sit outside the restaurant and finish off your drink (or a baileys coffee) while the kids run around the playground.



Our next favourite is Fusion 22 which is the nicest Indian I have ever had. Again we visit this restaurant every single year and we literally talk about the meal for hours after. It’s one of those. This time we got a cheese biryani (it’s Paneer cheese, unreal), a chicken Korma (so we could share with Billy), a pilau rice and Peshwari Naan bread (if you’ve never tried it you need to rectify that immediately). We also get poppadoms and dips to start as well as one starter. I couldn’t even tell you what the starter was called this year but holy moly it was amaaaaazing. It was Tandoori Chaat or something like that. Basically tandoori chicken, spiced potatoes, chick peas and all kinds of delicious vegetables.

This year we tried a few new places and 555 was gorgeous. I’d highly recommend giving that a visit. Their Garlic Prawns were to die for.

Oh and there is a place in the square which does take away sweet crepes which we often get on the way home from dinner. It’s about €5 and we particularly loved Nutella and chopped nuts (did I mentioned I gained 10 pounds on this holiday?….).


I actually have no photos of the food we ate, but there are tonnes of videos in my Instagram video highlight.

Where Do You Stay?

We’ve been to Caleta De Fuste five times and we’ve stayed in three different accommodations. One of those times we stayed at Broncemar Beach, another time we stayed at Hotel Caleta Dorada and the other three times we stayed at Bungalow Castillo Playa. The other two accommodations were all-inclusive which we really enjoyed. It’s a more expensive holiday to book but in our experience if you have kids it works out cheaper in the long run. Think of it as needing your spending money up front. All of those coffees, ice-creams, beers, drinks and snacks really add up and this year we couldn’t believe the difference in what we spent. Some people pay for all inclusive and then don’t rate the food and eat out most nights. That would work out seriously expensive so I suppose commit to one or the other. When we went all-inclusive we went out for dinner two out of the ten nights because we literally couldn’t go to Caleta and not visit the Italian and the Indian.



Bungalow Castillo Playa does not offer all-inclusive. It’s a much more basic accommodation but we love it. It comprises of individual Bungalows and onsite there is a small playground, area to sun-bath on loungers and a bar that also does food.. The food is very reasonable and quite tasty. There is a gorgeous good sized larger pool and then a separate baby pool. This accommodation would work well for a family with 1-2 children but would probably be too small for any more people. We’ve booked on a number of different websites and every year we are pleasantly surprised at just how affordable it is. The location is what attracts us the most. It is a two minute walk from the centre and is in a really safe place. We also love the pool which is super clean and has a guard around it which as a parent makes me feel a lot more relaxed. Other positives are the fact that the bungalows are really clean, you’re given towels and fresh sheets regularly and the staff are really pleasant and helpful.




What Other Things Would You Like To Tell Us About The Resort?

The Windmill Bar is brilliant. It’s a two minute walk from the accommodation, they do two really good sized cocktails for €8  (Pina Colada for me. Unreal!) or two giant beers for €3.50 and they have a playground in the back of the pub.


Did I mention they have a playground in the back of the pub? This is the kind of place I’d probably avoid in Ireland so I’m laughing as I write this but we just love this place. We went there most nights after dinner and Billy made so many friends. We sat inches away from him as he ran wild in the little play areas. It’s a place we visit time and time again.



You can walk around the entire resort in about half an hour. When you are standing outside La Bodeguita (the Italian restaurant with the playground outside it) you can cross over to the other side of the resort which has loads of nice restaurants and more playgrounds etc. We had a gorgeous meal in El Patio which I highly recommend for Paella. If you want a nice walk head down to the coast from this end of the resort and walk along the sea. You’ll more than likely see little chipmonks that will walk right up to you and eat from your hand. They are adorable.

A little further down there is a new area which has some water sports and a brilliant area where you can buy fish food for €1 (there is a little machine) and sit down and feed hundreds of fish that come rushing over to you. It was a very cool experience and we did it twice.

If you want some entertainment Pieros will be your best bet. The drinks are a bit more expensive but every night they do a themed show (musicals, Michael Buble, 80’s night etc) and they do cocktails that have sparklers which is always exciting.



This year we discovered The Chocolate Cafe. It is a lovely place for a coffee and some dessert.

There is a large market on a Tuesday and Saturday which is well worth a visit. Alternatively you can plan a day trip to Corralejo or the water park in the little excursions hut. It’s in the main square so you can’t miss it. When we stayed at Caleta Dorada there were water slides etc so instead of forking out for the water park (about €30 per person) we walked up to that accommodation twice and Billy was none the wiser.



And finally – The China Shop. It’s a massive gift shop that literally does everything. It’s so cheap and they do a variety of gifts, toys, clothes, trinkets, inflatables and everything in between. I bet they will have any random thing you find yourself needing while you are on holiday.

That’s all for now – but feel free to ask me any questions at all. If you want to see a video of our holiday you can check out the Instastories I did here. I saved them as a highlight.