I hope everyone is settling back in to “normal life” after a nice Christmas break. We’ve been trying to get out and about as much as possible the last few weeks because towards the end of 2018 I noticed that we spent a lot of time indoors. It’s only natural because we had just bought the house and had lots to sort out and enjoy inside, but now that 2019 has began I am determined for more fresh air. It is so good for us all, in both body and mind.


We’ve had a few lovely days out recently and I thought I’d share a little bit about them. Some of them are seasonal but it might give you some ideas for next year. I just love getting out and about as a family and I still find it super surreal to even imagine us doing this with a little baby this summer – it’s going to be amazing.


We’ll start with the Panto. We were lucky to attend more than one Panto this year but the one that took us by most surprise was The Helix Panto. I had never been to this Panto so when the opportunity came along to attend their launch night I was delighted but didn’t really know what to expect. It would be a much smaller stage and theater than other Pantos we had attended for example. Well I cannot say enough good things about this Panto. From start to finish we were in absolute fits of laughter. They got that delicate balance of adult/child humor spot on. Billy was completely enthralled in every single scene and I swear it’s like as if they wrote it for him. The writer of this Panto has an amazing ability to grasp all that children are currently “in to”. Every single song and trend that Billy loves was mentioned on some level and I just couldn’t get over that. If he wasn’t doing the Flossy and the “Fortnight dancing” he was doing Baby Shark or singing Shot Gun or something from The Greatest Showman. 10/10 from us and we will absolutely be attending next year’s show without a shadow of a doubt! The best Panto we’ve ever been to and I just feel really lucky to have been given the chance to find that out.



Actually, while I’m here, the Panto write Karl Harpur is just about to launch a podcast for kids called Professor Nasty. I’ll be sharing details on my own Instagram  when it launches next week but you can also follow him here for updates and more information. It’s going to have similar humor to the panto so I’m looking forward to listening to this with Billy in the car!


Next up is Wild Lights. I had never actually attended Wild Lights until this year and I definitely regretted that! For anyone who doesn’t know it’s essentially a light show that comes to Dublin Zoo for some of the Winter months. Imagine going to Dublin Zoo in the evening but seeing various light displays and set-ups rather than the animals. We really really enjoyed it. There is something really magical about the whole thing. There are different themes and sound affects that occur at the different sections and it’s just really beautiful. We also thoroughly enjoyed the hot chocolate and mini donuts on offer. This was a gift from my mother and father in law and we really enjoyed it. The only thing I’ll say is that we arrived at about 6pm and it took us quite some time to find parking so maybe try get there a little earlier or later if you go next year as this tends to be the peak time!




And finally I want to mention St. Annes Park. We used to always go to Marley Park for a stroll and a bite to eat at the weekend when we lived on the south side. I’ve been missing that whole experience so we decided to do that very thing last weekend but in St. Anne’s Park in Raheny. The gas thing is it would have taken us the same amount of time to get to Marley Park but I’m so glad we ended up where we did. I’ve been to the park plenty of times but do you ever just see things through new eyes? We had such a fantastic few hours. There were a few food stalls so we got coffee and cake. We visited a fairy door tree, Billy had a scoot and then the best part was an adventure in the woods. It was just so pretty with streams, gorgeous walks and a pond with ducks. We stayed there until 5pm and I actually can’t wait to go back again soon. It was one of those days that was good for the soul.




I’d normally mention places we’ve eaten out at this point but in truth we haven’t done a huge amount of it. We’ve been enjoying being at home and cooking nice meals. We are planning a trip to Milanos this weekend though and that never disappoints. We always pick up a discount voucher on their discounts website www.milanooffers.ie

That’s all for now folks!