Welcome to Love Of Living.


I’m Tracey and I make things happen around here. I started Love Of Living as a Pregnancy Blog in 2013 and it quickly evolved in to my little corner of the internet that celebrates parenting, food and all the things I love in life.


I have a lot of posts about pregnancy, breastfeeding and everything in between. We are in the middle of the terrible twos so I like to have a little moan about lack of sleep and juggling work and family life to the best of my ability.

I am a massive foodie so I regularly post recipes and talk about my weightloss journey. I’ve recently lost 52 pounds on Slimming World and I love sharing my tips, tricks and struggles.

I write for Easy Parenting Magazine and Family Friendly HQ. I am also a sponsored Channel Mum Vlogger and love making Youtube Videos.


If you are a brand or PR company that would like to collaborate please get in touch with me by emailing traceyquinn1@gmail.com

I hope you like it around here!

Tracey x

Remembering that it's my birthday weekend in a few days and were going on holidays in 17 days. So excited #holidays #happy #pbloggers #family #lbloggers #weightloss #motivated #irishblogger #wednesday

De-Cluttering To Make Space For Myself.

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