2 11, 2016

Little Man Has Started Play School

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So what is the actual story with parenting being an emotional rollercoaster 99% of the time? It is such an oblivion of different emotions isn't it? The things that we feel imensely proud of are usually the things that make us feel sad on another level. A constant state of bittersweet because as our children [...]

14 10, 2016

Sun Holiday – Packing For Our Two Year Old

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Hello Hello,   Very soon we'll be heading away on our "summer holiday". I know it's Autumn but we usually go in late September or early October. We're a bit late this year so the weather is a bit of a gamble but we are EXCITED. We're going back to the same place we've been [...]

23 09, 2016

Two “Parenting” Apps That Just Might Change Your Life

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First things first - this post is not Sponsored and I have absolutely no affiliation to the companies behind these apps. None whatsoever. I genuinely just found two apps that have been total game-changers for me as a parent.   The first one is associated with my beloved photo taking. Sure I'll give you a [...]

16 09, 2016

Moving Our Two Year Old From Cot To Toddler Bed

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BIG changes have happened here recently. After another really crappy week in the sleep department I had a bit of an epiphany. I was chatting to my cousin over a cuppa and jokingly suggested that moving little man from his cot to a toddler bed might help matters. Two minutes later I had made my [...]

12 11, 2015

November Update – What Is Going On In Our World?

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Hello Lovely People,I have been a bit quiet here of late because my flippin' laptop is on the blink. By blink I mean that it is literally blinking. It turns on at random times and can stay on for five seconds, five minutes or maybe enough time to publish a blog post (if you are [...]

6 08, 2015

Addicted To The Internet

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This blogging stuff is great fun. I've met a huge amount of interesting people along the way. I just love it. I read a load of blogs myself and I enjoy the social side of it, albeit it being mostly in the social media sense. A couple of months ago I attended the Irish Parenting [...]

27 07, 2015

Sleep, Swings And Roundabouts!

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It was my brothers going away party last weekend. He's moving to Germany for 18 months to work for the international office of the company he works for. He's doing so well for himself and he's only 23 so we are extremely proud of him. I attended the going away drinks on Saturday night with the [...]

20 07, 2015

Bye Bye Maternity Leave

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It's all go around here these days. I spilled water on my laptop a few weeks ago and it's now sort of half broken. It will only turn on if it's left in the hotpress all night, but then when you turn it off it won't turn back on again unless you repeat the hotpress [...]

14 07, 2015

13 Months – A Tough Little Phase

By | July 14th, 2015|Parenting|3 Comments

We're going through a very weird stage at the moment. This post was supposed to be purely about the massive event that has been me returning to work after 13 months of maternity leave, but I can't in good conscience not mention the realities of this stage of parenting. I don't even know how to explain [...]

12 07, 2015

RECIPE l Sweet Potato And Coconut Soup

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You know when you just get something in to your head and there's no telling you? Well I've been flirting with this soup idea for a while now. It's not even particularly creative, but I wanted to recreate a certain type of soup that I totally obsess over when I come across it in a [...]