24 06, 2015

How To Have A First Birthday Party

By | June 24th, 2015|baking, birthday, linky, Parenting, party, recipes|7 Comments

I've been trying to write this post for weeks now. I wanted it to be a good post, lots of photos, and a nice tribute to the all important first birthday party of my beautiful son. I was nearly losing sleep over it. I didn't want to forget any of the things that I had [...]

2 06, 2015

A Year Of This

By | June 2nd, 2015|birth, breastfeeding, Parenting|5 Comments

Exactly a week from today is the 9th June 2015. My 7 pound 12oz little baby boy will be a one year old. I want next week to be about him and the celebration, and so I thought this would be a good time to have my own little "moment". It feels huge. I call it "this" [...]

25 05, 2015

Our A&E Experience

By | May 25th, 2015|Parenting|6 Comments

We had a little situation last week where we ended up in A&E with Billy. Of course it wasn't a pleasant experience, but thankfully it had a positive outcome. I wasn't going to mention it here, but then I remembered that I was actually googling things like a maniac when we were trying to decide what [...]

21 05, 2015

Bathing In Porridge Oats

By | May 21st, 2015|Parenting|4 Comments

I wanted to pass on this little piece of advice that a friend of mine gave to me recently. To give you a bit of background, Billy has very sensitive skin. Since he was a newborn he always reacted to any kind of product. I fell for the romantic marketing and bought the Johnsons products, which [...]

18 05, 2015

My Anxiety Medication

By | May 18th, 2015|Parenting|17 Comments

I've been anxious about writing this post. How's that for ironic? It's not exactly the most attractive topic to write about. Not that that bothers me in the slightest, but I suppose it's exposing yourself in a different way than you did before. Making yourself more vulnerable in a way. When I started this blog in March [...]

11 03, 2015

9 Months On The Outside

By | March 11th, 2015|9 months, breastfeeding, Parenting, update|4 Comments

It's that time again. Another month has passed and our little Billy Bear is 9 months old. God, there is really something about 9 months. It sounds punchy when I say it. It just sounds big. It's almost like the next biggest milestone before the big 1. I really genuinely cannot believe that my little [...]

4 03, 2015

Vote For Me? Please And Thank You

By | March 4th, 2015|blog, blogging, Irish Parenting Blog Awards, Parenting, vote|4 Comments

There is a great buzz about the blogging world lately since the official launch of the 2015 Irish Parenting Blog Awards. They take place on 25th April in Dublin, and with headline sponsors such as Glenisk, it's a really exciting event. I started my blog over a year ago and I am so grateful for the [...]

24 02, 2015

Recipe : Baby/Toddler Cheesy Vegetable Fritters

By | February 24th, 2015|8 months, Baby, BLW, cooking, diet, finger food, Food, healthy, Parenting, Recipe, vegetables, weaning|4 Comments

I'm always on the look out for new and interesting foods to introduce Billy to. I love batch-cooking recipes and storing some of the portions in the freezer. It feels really good knowing what he is eating and knowing exactly what ingredients have gone in to the dish. I'm going to be sharing as many [...]

24 02, 2015

Feel The Fear And Vlog Anyway.

By | February 24th, 2015|adventure, Baby, camera, cook, family, fear, mother, Parenting, Recipe, video, vlog, vlogger, youtube|0 Comments

For months now I've been toying with the idea of vlogging. I personally love to watch different vlogs and Youtubers and can spend hours watching videos that on paper might sound utterly boring, but to those who's boat it floats, it's so entertaining and enjoyable. My favourite vlogger is most definitely Sprinkle Of Glitter. My [...]

12 02, 2015

Feed The Family

By | February 12th, 2015|batchcooking, BLW, cookery, family, healthy, meals, Parenting, Recipe, stew, vegetables, weaning|1 Comment

I'm on a quest to shake things up in the kitchen. I said in this post that I had come to the realization that I was starting to make the same dinners over and over again. I was putting little thought in to my menu planning and now I want that to change. Of course [...]