9 09, 2020

De-Cluttering To Make Space For Myself.

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I feel like when someone even mentions the word de-cluttering to me I immediately eye-roll. It's just one of those things isn't it? If you are not on that "buzz" I think people who are simply irritate you. However, I was one of those people last week and now that I'm on the "other side" [...]

21 07, 2020

Mindful Eating With Tracey

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Right, where do I even start with this one? An Instagram post was never going to fully explain this so I figured it was a good opportunity to revisit my blog and blow away some cobwebs around here. On a side note, I am very excited to get back in to proper blogging. I started [...]

17 12, 2018

17 Week Pregnancy Update – My MRI Results

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Hi Everyone   Seventeen weeks definitely feels like a random week to be giving you a pregnancy update but I have a bit of time this morning and I really wanted to document as much of this pregnancy as possible so here we are. Today is Monday the 17th of December and I seriously cannot [...]

24 09, 2018

Finding Your Sacred Space And Making It A Priority

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So I hadn't planned on writing this today. It kind of just came to me and in my experience that is when I feel I have something valuable to say. If it helps one person then it is totally valuable from where I am standing.   So I was feeling a bit flat today. Not [...]

19 08, 2018

Slimming World Cauliflower Mac ‘N Cheese Recipe

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I've made this recipe a couple of times now and it always results in a tonne of people asking for the recipe. I can't help but share a slow motion video of the dish when it comes out of the oven. The oozy cheesy goodness is too beautiful to not share.   My favourite thing [...]

30 06, 2018

What Being Four Looks Like

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I wanted a bit of a time capsule to look back on to remember what having a four year old was like. The little quirky bits and specific anecdotes which might blur a little as time moves on. So here is a little look at what life is like with our four year old.   [...]

29 05, 2018

How To Not Have Your Instagram Account Hacked

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I'm almost a little embarrassed writing this post when there are so many very serious things happening in the world. It feels a bit narcissistic to place so much importance on a website like Instagram but I can't help but be honest about it. I've always loved Instagram. When I started blogging it kind of [...]

1 03, 2018

Staying On Plan During Snow Days

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  I had to write this post because I was struggling so much yesterday myself. As a member that is. I spoke about it on my Snapchat and as I predicted I was not alone on this one. Staying on plan during a Snow Day is really testing. Staying on plan during a succession of [...]

23 02, 2018

THE Haircut – Why, Where & Everything In Between

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It was always going to be an emotional day. We knew that. I just don't think we anticipated that it would happen so abruptly. And yet the whole thing felt inherently natural and... right.   We've always been mad about Billy's hair. Like most parents we didn't want to let go of the baby hair [...]

11 02, 2018

Slimming World Dinners For The Whole Family #1

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I've got that blogging bug back again. Sure I'm micro-blogging on various forms of social media but written word is where my heart lies and I'm really enjoying being back to my roots and writing here. For new readers I am a Slimming World member and consultant. But most importantly I am a mother and [...]