1009, 2017

Our Family Holiday At Beatriz Costa And Spa, Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

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I'm writing this while it's fresh in my mind so hopefully I won't forget the important bits. I have to say, of all the years I've been sharing our adventures online this has been the [...]

1808, 2017

High Strung Parent To Slightly Less High Strung

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I'm evolving every day as a mother. So are you by the way. Unless you are a father in which case you're doing the very same as a Daddy. I'll be honest, I am not [...]

1407, 2017

He Hides Things Under His Pillow

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I've reached another little check-point in parenthood, and life in general. You know those times where you kind of stop and feel the need to take stock of things? It's a desire to capture something. [...]

506, 2017

Our Visit To Neven Maguire’s Macnean House

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It is no secret that I am a foodie. Before my weightloss journey, during and forever after. I just love anything to do with food. I love cookery shows, cook books, photographs on Instagram and [...]

2005, 2017

Weightloss Update – So Close To My Target

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My life has revolved so much around Slimming World for the past couple of months but not necessarily in terms of my own weightloss journey. A couple of people have asked for an update on [...]

1305, 2017

Netflix Update May 2017

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I'm definitely struggling to find some down-time recently. It's to be expected given all the change. It's bound to be a bit chaotic when you start up your own business. Thankfully everything is going really [...]

805, 2017

Rathwood Train – Teddy Bear Picnic

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It's been a bit of a crazy couple of months so when my husband told me that he had planned a surprise family day out I was extremely excited. The idea of him planning something [...]

105, 2017

Becoming A Slimming World Consultant

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In just two days time I will be opening the doors of my very own Slimming World group and I simply cannot explain what that means to me. I remember the day I walked in [...]

2104, 2017

Day Dreaming About Owning A House

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Can you believe that I will be opening my very own Slimming World Class in less than two week's time? It's been a long time coming and I really can't wait. Sharing the tools to [...]

1404, 2017

A Reply To Rosemary Mac Cabe’s Rant About Slimming World

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Let me start by saying that this is not a personal attack on Rosemary McCabe. I actually went to school with Rosemary and have no personal issue with her. I also know that she likes [...]

404, 2017

The Juggling Act – Working From Home & Life With A Toddler

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Things are a little bit crazy at the moment. There is an overwhelming amount of things happening. Some are in plain sight and some are "behind the scenes". Safe to say I'm finding it difficult [...]

2703, 2017

Martinhal Luxury Family Brand Event

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On Thursday afternoon I found myself in the very fortunate position of being on a plane on my way to a five star family resort in Portugal. Just your average weekday you know?   I [...]

2203, 2017

Toddler Snacking Made Easier With Organix Goodies – Ad

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Does anyone else have a toddler who literally eats all day long? I've said it time and time again - I got an eater rather than a sleeper.   Little man is great for the [...]

2003, 2017


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I'm afraid to say it in case I'm wrong lads. I'll whisper it in case he hears. Toddler man has selective hearing these days. I THINK WE ARE DONE WITH NAPS. Like for reals. We [...]

1403, 2017

A Snapshot Of Life Right Now – Linky

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  I've loved reading the post's from the lovely Awfully Chipper's linky. I love posts that give you an insight in to people's lives. On the one hand it's the nosey side of me being [...]

803, 2017

Our Honeymoon In Rome & Tips For Your Trip

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You know when you have really really high expectations for a holiday? You are pretty much expecting a little element of disappointment because your hopes are a little off the charts. Well Rome absolutely knocked [...]

2702, 2017

4.5 Stone Gone In 18 Months – What I’ve Learnt So Far

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I made a little goal a few months ago. It was a bit of a "wouldn't it be brilliant if" thing. Wouldn't it be brilliant to get my target weight by the time we went [...]

1902, 2017

Martinhal Family Brand Conference In Portugal

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Starting this blog was a pipe-dream of mine. I loved reading other blogs and was avidly following other women's pregnancies through their websites and blog posts. It felt so real and so open. I had always [...]

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  • We had such a great night last night bandpicturethis were
    15 hours ago by traceysblog We had such a great night last night.  @bandpicturethis  were great and I HIGHLY recommend  @thebernardshaw  for pre drinks, grub and music. It's such a cool spot what wasn't cool was 2.5 hours walking around town for a taxi. Billy Joel gig and Picture This ending at same time was nuts. Was never so happy to get in a taxi and my bed. Safe to say I walked off the burger king
  • What driving test
    1 day ago by traceysblog What driving test
  • Can we all just pretend this is one of those
    2 days ago by traceysblog Can we all just pretend this is one of those "Tracey Passed Her Driving Test" photos on a driving school's website? I did not pass my driving test ❌ I'm going to be completely honest here. I'm raging and I never expected to feel so disheartened. So I never expected to pass. In fact I expected to fail. I had developed habits over the last year that I had to shake. But those habits and things went SO well in the test today. It started off on such a positive note with all the theory questions. Moving on to the
  • mayflowertastesgood curry and tonnes of speedy veg was the ultimate
    3 days ago by traceysblog  @mayflowertastesgood  curry and tonnes of speedy veg was the ultimate confort dinner last night. I wasn't feeling great and it hit the spot! In other news... you all know I have my driving test tomorrow. Well I had a two hour lesson yesterday and now I'm a lot more nervous! What will be will be but I'm wondering if you can all throw me your best tips and advice for passing. I'm going to give it my all and what will be will be, but I'd quite like to pass obviously
  • When the entire menu and decor is oat based Like
    4 days ago by traceysblog When the entire menu and decor is oat based Like could it possibly be anymore beautifully on brand  #aveenobaby 
  • Wow thank you for such a gorgeous afternoon aveenobabyukire Its
    4 days ago by traceysblog Wow, thank you for such a gorgeous afternoon  @aveenobabyukire  It's no secret around these parts that we are huge  #aveenobaby  fans in our house. Billy has eczema prone dry skin and  @aveenouk  products agree with his skin perfectly. I swear by them even 4 years later. Aveeno Baby is even more gentle if that was even possible! We had a stunning afternoon tea at  @thewoollenmills  (omg the sandwiches are amazing).  #aveenobaby 
  • Hands up if your husband has an addiction to buying
    5 days ago by traceysblog Hands up if your husband has an addiction to buying your kid runners
  • If I had a penny for everytime someone asked me
    6 days ago by traceysblog If I had a penny for everytime someone asked me did l *really* not know that I would be getting picked up by a driving school on my wedding day Anyone that knows me will know that this was literally my worst nightmare and that my reaction was completely genuine When i saw the car initially I laughed and thought it was hilarious. I assumed it was just a funny nod to me not being able to drive and Id be travelling as a back seat passenger. When the instructor handed me the keys and said I'd be driving I
  • So THIS happened on Friday Finally for the first time
    7 days ago by traceysblog So THIS happened on Friday. Finally for the first time ever, I am a TARGET member. I've lost almost 6 stone in total (7 since I gave birth), and 4 stone 11.5 pound with Slimming World. I wanted to get to 9 stone 11.5 to get my 5 stone award with Slimming World but my body does not want to go lower than 10 stone and I've embraced that. My original goal was 11 stone. Then 10.10, then 10.7 and now I am happy and settled at 10 stone. I'm 5 foot 7 and am a size 10 in everything
  • And just like that another weekend has come and go
    1 week ago by traceysblog And just like that another weekend has come and go. I've done my to-do list for the week and tomorrow will be sponsored by lots of fruit and veg () It's bloody good to be alive. Remember to focus on what you do want in this next week. It might not be your way of thinking but the universe is listening and in my experience (just mine, I know) you bring about what you think about. Act like you have it already, be grateful for all the good stuff and do NOT focus on what you don't want because thoughts



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