1202, 2017

50 Shades Of Scarlet

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The time has come for another meeting with Mr Grey. I for one cannot wait to see the next movie. Lads, can we all calm down for a minute. It's not an Oscar Winner, it's [...]

802, 2017

OK, I’ll Admit It – Driving Makes Life Easier

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I studied in UCD for four years in total. I did an Arts Degree (English&Philosophy, not painting as my nanny used to think it meant) and then went back to do a MA in Drama [...]

302, 2017

Girly Weekend At The Abbey Court Hotel, Nenagh

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2015 ended really horribly for our family. We lost our wonderful grandmother who was the absolute glue that connected the entire family. Through her we developed and discovered the most incredible relationships. I am lucky [...]

2301, 2017

What We Wore On Don’t Tell The Bride

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When I say "what we wore on Don't Tell The Bride" I naturally mean "what we wore at our wedding". People are really fascinated about what we ended up wearing on the day though. They [...]

1901, 2017

How I Lost The Christmas Weight

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Take that 12 pounds of Christmas. I said it in my last blog post that I'd lose the Christmas gain in two weeks and that is exactly what happened. If it had of taken 3-4 [...]

1501, 2017

Eating Out When Following Slimming World

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I get asked this question all the time so I thought a blog post might help a few people out. We all have that burst of enthusiasm and motivation when we first begin a healthy [...]

1301, 2017

What To Do If Your Child Locks Themselves In To A Room

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I am always a bit weary about writing these posts. I suppose I am exposing myself and putting my hand out to be slapped or something. People will wonder how a parent can let something [...]

901, 2017

Playschool – Let’s Try This Again

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I don't like to do things in halves, me.   So a couple of months ago we started Billy at a playschool. He is VERY attaached to me so it felt like a good idea. [...]

501, 2017

Oaty Banana & Blueberry Bites

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It's good to be back here. I haven't posted a toddler/child recipe in ages. My blog is a bit of a hybrid these days. A mix of parenting, lifestyle and Slimming World. But this is [...]

301, 2017

The 12 Pounds Of Christmas

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On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to meeeeee - a big fat post-Christmas weight-gain. Mother of devine Jebus - twelve pound. Surely that is some sort of record like? Trust me [...]

201, 2017

Belated 2016 Reflection

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Less is more, isn't that what they say? In honour of that fact I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet so stay with me folks. 2016 was literally one of the hardest [...]

3012, 2016

Christmas Panto At The Olympia Theatre, Dublin

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We have just returned from a fabulous afternoon at The Olympia Theatre in Dublin. We went to see this year's Christmas Panto which has become an annual tradition for us. This year's Panto is called [...]

3012, 2016

New Year’s Eve With Children? Netflix Has Got You Covered

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Netflix just get it. They consistently aim to make things easier for the viewer. That effort really does extend to the whole family too. Last year I loved this New Years Eve cheat that Netflix [...]

2012, 2016

Things You Didn’t See On Don’t Tell The Bride

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We spent three weeks filming for Don't Tell The Bride. A lot of it involved full days, separately of course. We then had one day filming together before Peter moved out to plan our wedding. [...]

612, 2016

WIN A Worry Plaque From The Irish Fairy Door Company

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I was over the moon when this product found it's way to me this week. I am a huge fan of The Irish Fairy Door Company as it is, but this has completely blown my [...]

512, 2016

I Got Married On Don’t Tell The Bride

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Well this is just gas. I've been dreaming about writing down these words for months now. Keeping your wedding a secret is a very strang thing to have to do. It's like this amazing moment [...]

2711, 2016

Take Me Home

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I have always been a home-bird. In secondary school when all my friends were out drinking I just wanted to be at home with a cup of tea reading a book or watching Saved By [...]

2211, 2016

The Santa Experience At Dunnes Stores, Ilac Centre

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I was delighted to be invited to the launch of The Santa Experience in the Ilac Centre, Dublin. It takes place in the Dunnes Stores unit and is a handy venue in terms of parking [...]

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  • Such a nice new recipe One Ill make time andhellip
    20 hours ago by traceysblog Such a nice new recipe. One I'll make time and time again. Calzone using a  #fitzgeraldbagelslim  20g Mozzarella as half my healthy extra A and lots of speedy peppers, mushrooms, onions and chicken/bacon with speedy passata. It was fab!  #slimmingworld   #pinchofnom   #calzone   #pizza   #foodoptimising   #slimmingworldireland   #slimmingworlduk   #sw   #weightloss   #foodie 
  • Saturday was my first time eating at marketbardub and itshellip
    1 day ago by traceysblog Saturday was my first time eating at  @marketbardub  and its safe to say I'll be back very soon. I love Tapas because I'm a greedy soul who wants to try as many things as possible. Highly recommend the prawns pil pil (always, its my weakness), nachos, meatballs and patatas bravas. Atmosphere is also fantastic!  #dublin   #irishblogger   #dublineats   #irishfood   #dublincity   #ipbig   #tapas   #ootn   #blogger 
  • Last nights outfit Such a fabulous night with my beautifulhellip
    2 days ago by traceysblog Last nights outfit. Such a fabulous night with my beautiful sister  @leanne_q___ 
  • On the stage in the olympiatheatre where the set ofhellip
    3 days ago by traceysblog On the stage in the  @olympiatheatre  where the set of ONCE is an actual functioning bar before the show and during the interval  #oncethemusical  is brilliant! I've seen it twice before. One of my favorite places in the whole world!
  • Before and after Jen at studiodollsx is a miracle workerhellip
    3 days ago by traceysblog Before and after Jen at  @studiodollsx  is a miracle worker. No filter used here and its amazing to think that in 10 mins such a transformation can take place Absolutely delighted with them as always. Studio Dolls is in Crumlin village and they often have fab packages midweek for several treatments at once. Fab place for hair, nails, make up, waxing and even lip fillers if that's your thing!  #eyebrows   #brows   #bblogger   #irishblogger 
  • This little man gave us an awful fright last nighthellip
    3 days ago by traceysblog This little man gave us an awful fright last night. He slipped in the shower and split his head open. Ambulance and the works. He was such a trooper and they were able to glue it back together. We were home in bed 4 hours later. I'm not the better of it but so glad he's OK as it could have been a lot worse!
  • New blog post Its about becoming slightly less high strunghellip
    4 days ago by traceysblog New blog post. It's about becoming slightly less "high strung" as a parent. Link in my Insta bio ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆  #ipbig   #pbloggers   #irishblogger   #motherhood   #mblog   #momlife   #myhappycapture   #parenting   #ireland   #blogger   #mummyblogger 
  • Its weird Ive been following Slimming World for two yearshellip
    4 days ago by traceysblog Its weird, I've been following Slimming World for two years now. You would think that this would be the time that I'd be getting fed up or bored. For some reason I'm enjoying it right now more than I ever have. I genuinely think its the (what I like to call) renaissance of the healthy extra B gone are the days or two weetabix (for me anyway) and now I'm all about the pancakes, waffles and oat cakes. I get so excited about breakfast like. This morning I have baked oats in the oven but this was yesterdays half batch…
  • Thanks gleniskinsta Best of luck with this lovely new rangehellip
    5 days ago by traceysblog Thanks  @gleniskinsta  Best of luck with this lovely new range of absolutely no added sugar baby yoghurts. So handy for a newly weaned baby as a snack. Available at  @supervalu_irl  as well as Tesco and Dunnes. A great Irish family business and I think it's important that we support these kinds of businesses  #weaning   #babyfood   #babyyoghurt   #mbloggers   #ipbig   #momlife   #irishblogger 
  • Excuse the dodgy quality of my photos this week Myhellip
    5 days ago by traceysblog Excuse the dodgy quality of my photos this week. My camera is broken and is very blurry. I couldn't not share this though.  @slimwithderek  sent me the most thoughtful gift ever. I sobbed when it arrived. Such a lovely surprise. My dad is going through a really tough time but its amazing to see how much this little man helps him and the bond they have. Thank you Derek ❤



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