501, 2017

Oaty Banana & Blueberry Bites

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It's good to be back here. I haven't posted a toddler/child recipe in ages. My blog is a bit of a hybrid these days. A mix of parenting, lifestyle and Slimming World. But this is [...]

301, 2017

The 12 Pounds Of Christmas

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On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to meeeeee - a big fat post-Christmas weight-gain. Mother of devine Jebus - twelve pound. Surely that is some sort of record like? Trust me [...]

201, 2017

Belated 2016 Reflection

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Less is more, isn't that what they say? In honour of that fact I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet so stay with me folks. 2016 was literally one of the hardest [...]

3012, 2016

Christmas Panto At The Olympia Theatre, Dublin

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We have just returned from a fabulous afternoon at The Olympia Theatre in Dublin. We went to see this year's Christmas Panto which has become an annual tradition for us. This year's Panto is called [...]

3012, 2016

New Year’s Eve With Children? Netflix Has Got You Covered

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Netflix just get it. They consistently aim to make things easier for the viewer. That effort really does extend to the whole family too. Last year I loved this New Years Eve cheat that Netflix [...]

2012, 2016

Things You Didn’t See On Don’t Tell The Bride

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We spent three weeks filming for Don't Tell The Bride. A lot of it involved full days, separately of course. We then had one day filming together before Peter moved out to plan our wedding. [...]

612, 2016

WIN A Worry Plaque From The Irish Fairy Door Company

By | December 6th, 2016|Categories: competition, giveaway, review, Uncategorized|Tags: , , |21 Comments

I was over the moon when this product found it's way to me this week. I am a huge fan of The Irish Fairy Door Company as it is, but this has completely blown my [...]

512, 2016

I Got Married On Don’t Tell The Bride

By | December 5th, 2016|Categories: Lifestyle|Tags: , , , |9 Comments

Well this is just gas. I've been dreaming about writing down these words for months now. Keeping your wedding a secret is a very strang thing to have to do. It's like this amazing moment [...]

2711, 2016

Take Me Home

By | November 27th, 2016|Categories: Uncategorized|2 Comments

I have always been a home-bird. In secondary school when all my friends were out drinking I just wanted to be at home with a cup of tea reading a book or watching Saved By [...]

2211, 2016

The Santa Experience At Dunnes Stores, Ilac Centre

By | November 22nd, 2016|Categories: Parenting, review|0 Comments

I was delighted to be invited to the launch of The Santa Experience in the Ilac Centre, Dublin. It takes place in the Dunnes Stores unit and is a handy venue in terms of parking [...]

1011, 2016

My Five Favourite Blog Posts That I’ve Written

By | November 10th, 2016|Categories: Lifestyle, Uncategorized|1 Comment

The very lovely Kate from Kate Takes 5 is celebrating her 6th blogging birthday with an equally lovely linky. She has documented her five favourite blog posts from over the years and I've decided to [...]

911, 2016

Netflix News November 2016 – The Crown!!

By | November 9th, 2016|Categories: Lifestyle, Uncategorized|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

As you all know I am a huge fan of Netflix. I'm lucky enough to be a member of the Irish Netflix Stream Team and recently had a fabulous trip to London to celebrate all [...]

811, 2016

VIDEO – I Gave Little Man His First Haircut

By | November 8th, 2016|Categories: Parenting, Uncategorized|1 Comment

Why oh why is this so emotional? I mean I knew it always would be, but it really feels like a huge milestone.   It's no secret that I adore the little man's hair. It [...]

211, 2016

Little Man Has Started Play School

By | November 2nd, 2016|Categories: Parenting, Uncategorized|0 Comments

So what is the actual story with parenting being an emotional rollercoaster 99% of the time? It is such an oblivion of different emotions isn't it? The things that we feel imensely proud of are [...]

3110, 2016

Slimming World – Dealing With A Holiday Weight Gain

By | October 31st, 2016|Categories: Food, slimming world, Uncategorized, weightloss|0 Comments

The "C" world is doing the rounds at the moment. I've been somewhat burying my head in the sand about the whole thing but I've realized that it is happening so I might as well [...]

2610, 2016

Family Holiday At Broncemar Beach, Caleta De Fuste, Fuerteventura

By | October 26th, 2016|Categories: Lifestyle, Uncategorized|0 Comments

We have just returned from a week in sunny Fuerteventura. Regular readers of my blog will know that this has come to be our favourite holiday desination and we just keep returning year after year. [...]

1410, 2016

Sun Holiday – Packing For Our Two Year Old

By | October 14th, 2016|Categories: holiday, Holidays, Lifestyle, Parenting, Travel, travelling|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

Hello Hello,   Very soon we'll be heading away on our "summer holiday". I know it's Autumn but we usually go in late September or early October. We're a bit late this year so the [...]

1010, 2016

Hate Cutting Butternut Squash? Here is my hack!

By | October 10th, 2016|Categories: Food, healthy, Recipe, recipes, slimming world, Uncategorized, weightloss|Tags: , , , , , , , , |0 Comments

Lads, it's literally my favourite time of year for so many reasons. Autumn I am more than ready for you!   Firstly, in my opinion, it is the most beautiful time of year in Ireland. [...]

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  • There was a good two hours of being outdoors todayhellip
    5 hours ago by traceysblog There was a good two hours of being outdoors today. This makes me so happy. Seeing this dude without a hat and in the fresh air in his lighter coat was just blissful. 14 mild degrees today and the difference it made was unreal. I wore a bloody leather jacket to the bank and didn't feel a bit cold like. I opened my WINDOW in the car at one stage. Dreaming about park dates, feeding the ducks and not leaving the house with a million layers on. A million layers means a million more washes to do. Spring, we are…
  • shanejohnsonhair you make this look so easy I need tohellip
    2 hours ago by traceysblog  @shanejohnson_hair  you make this look so easy. I need to know how to recreate this quiff
  • mrpriceireland bits and bobs keeping these two busy this afternoonhellip
    10 hours ago by traceysblog  @mrpriceireland  bits and bobs keeping these two busy this afternoon. Currently decorating masks and delighted with themselves
  • All excited to show his friends and teacher his newhellip
    14 hours ago by traceysblog All excited to show his friends and teacher his new hair
  • To those of you who havent seen our episode ofhellip
    1 day ago by traceysblog To those of you who haven't seen our episode of Don't Tell The Bride, it's on E4 this Wednesday at 10pm  #DTTBirl   #DTTBire   #irishwedding   #wedding   #weddingdress 
  • Swipe for more pics  Had such a lovely eveninghellip
    2 days ago by traceysblog Swipe for more pics ➡➡➡➡➡ Had such a lovely evening last night with  @slimwithpippa  &  @slimwithlynne  I don't think we stopped laughing We were starving and had such an epic feed. Lynne made gorgeous Bruchetta using healthy extra B rolls and a beautiful super speedy salsa. I made thai red curry which was packed with speed and served with egg fried cauliflower rice and Pippa was on desserts with a chocolate coffee layered sundae & banoffi Lots of tea and chats followed! ☕ Thanks for a great night girls. The whole lot was only 3.5 syns each  #foodoptimising   #slimmingworld   #slimmingworld …
  • So this happened shanejohnsonhair did an amazing job and couldnthellip
    2 days ago by traceysblog So this happened....  @shanejohnson_hair  did an amazing job and couldn't have been better with Billy. Highly HIGHLY recommend him and the Barbers in general. Old County Barbers in Crumlin. Such a cool place and all the Barbers and stylists are brilliant at what they do Billy is absolutely mad about himself  #haircut   #firsthaircut   #barber   #barbers   #hairstyle   #boyhairstyle   #longhair   #milestone   #irishblogger   #ipbig   #pbloggers   #nomorecurls   #quiff   #barbergoals   #barberinspo   #toddlerhairstyles 
  • My sister sent me this photo a few weeks agohellip
    4 days ago by traceysblog My sister sent me this photo a few weeks ago and I literally cannot put in to words how it made me feel (but she's going to try, says you) Firstly, I had never seen it. That in itself is a miracle because I am obsessed with photos and took a million when my little boy was born. I then went on to break my phone and lose every single photo apart from those that I uploaded to social media. Being surprised with a new photo of my little new born was such a gift. I have such a rush…
  • Such a random but beautiful lunch About 80 of ithellip
    4 days ago by traceysblog Such a random but beautiful lunch. About 80% of it was leftovers from taster last night so thank you members  #weightloss   #healthyfood 
  • Last nights tastergroup was epic slimmingworldtallaght slimmingworldfood freefoodfebruary freefoodfeb foodoptimising



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